You Do You 


100 windowcolor modules, “Unblocked Series 2020“,

here in cooperation with Feldfünf Berlin-Kreuzberg, Sep 2020





In times of lockdown, visibility is a central issue. The Windowcolor work "You do You" examines the medium window as a personal reflection tool in the circumstances of the prevailing contact lockdown. 


"You Do You" also describes the design process that formed this installation. It is a call, an accusation, a challenge and a permission to the practice itself. Since spring 2020 I have been working with this guiding principle.
In designing I seek the borderline between creative curiosity and artistic doubt: Which experience creates satisfaction? Which forms liberate themselves from creative strategies? Which contrasts can be achieved with my current mind? And is it important how satisfied I am with the products of this "Me-time"? 


In this way, the work not only refers to the blockages and pressures that often arise in connection with creative work, but also questions the structures of the art market. Does it take complicated techniques and intellectual references to be perceived as art? Or can the joy of uninhibited, creative work also be a valuable artistic contribution?